Profile of Pianist and Piano Teacher Kayoko

– Born in Tokyo. Began studying piano at age four.
– Moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and transferred to Japanese School there with father’s transfer.
– Studied underBelaUjvary(Hungarian student of pianist Walter Gieseking).
– After winning top prize in competition, appeared on radio and television in South America. Performances covered in newspapers and magazines.
– From age 12, studied for more than ten years under Bruno Leonardo Gelber, world-famous master pianist considered one of the best this century (see website for recommendation from Gelber).
– After repatriating to Japan, took advantage of school vacations every year to study in Argentina; Nice France; Monaco; and Germany.
– Graduated from Toho Gakuen Music High SchoolandPianoProgram of Toho Gakuen College Music Department. Certified to teach junior and senior high school music.
– Guest pianist at festivals sponsored by Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan (PTNA) as well as joint events co-sponsored by Yamaha Music Foundation.

– Soprano singer with Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra Chorus for two years. Performed at NHK Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, and Suntory Hall and in Berlin, Germany.

Current Work:
– Give charity performances ,International Festival and perform with ensembles.
– Accompany poetry and prose readings and participate in Harmonize Project activities.
– Perform in school concerts.
– Provide live piano music for music therapy sessions.
– Serve as lecturer at master classes for professional pianists at OCV Conservatoire.
– Take courses and seminars in music score analysis.
– Involved in international exchange programs for all people, from students to piano culture instructors.

Recently, preparing for making the high-resolution recording DVD.

Gaspar Cassadó:
It’s one of outreach activities sponsored
by The Non Profit Organization Cello Concert Community.
Performing at International Festivals & University Festivals as a guest.

Performing Solo & the chamber music for the first anniversary of
Gallery Café Ayaha.

“ Smelling Concert ”
Music & Aromatherapy space performing live :
The listening of the famous piece of music sounds &
the smelling of aroma imaged
by the tunes will affect on all our 5th senses.
The smelling and listening together is the concept of this concert.
The concert was held in the nice smelling room designed
by the aromatherapy lecturer who we invited.

“ The collaborations of Reading and Music ”
“ The art interwoven by three of the piano, the reading, and the customer ”
“ The musical theme extended from the story and narration”
The fine pieces of literature such as “ Gauche the Cellist ”
by Kenji Miyazawa and
“ Rainbow Fish ” by Marcus Pfister, or the illustrated book,
the picture books and the poetry were
performed by one actor
(a theatrical actor) and
Piano Solo as a reading music play.

The project for the future :
About the performance request
The various projects were done based on the concept to interweave
the classical music concert with
both pursuing the quality of performance and the attractiveness
such as the “ Happiness ” or “ Comprehensibly ”
everyone feel during Pops and Jazz concerts.
The novel concerts, based on the original idea, are well received by
not only classical music fans but also the beginners of classical music.
I’d like to challenge the possibility of piano
through the collaboration with several styles of music.

Corporation and Music section charge / location
① Hachioji City, Tokyo
② Shirokane, Minato Ward, Tokyo

[ The current project and event ]

The harmony of Japanese and Western culture

[ The theme ]
The joint performance of Japanese dancing x Western musical instruments x Japanese musical instruments

[ The contents ]

[ The date, location, the starting date and time to entry, URL ]

The planning is going on.
It will be announced formally decided.

The details including the ticket purchasing methods
will be posted on the blog.

[ Inquiry regarding the performance requests ]

We accept your requests of the performance.

Please feel free to contact us about any offer to the performance project,
the collaboration with the lecture and performance,
facilities, company events, exhibition, entertainment,
BGM, concert version, contents or purposes.
The selection of the performance will be decided based on the client needs,
the various relevant conditions, and the purpose of the event or the association.
We propose the best direction to share the greatest moment and
space for all attendees not only the live performance.
We look forward to meeting you at the good connection and timing.

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